Lágrimas, Celos y Dudas


Created in 2008, by María Paz Grandjean, Manuela Oyarzún and Marcela Salinas.

LCD a melodramatic concert presents three female characters - Tears, Jealousy and Doubts –that along with a band interpret the biggest ballad hits of the eighties amongst the Spanish-speaking world. With original arrangements and a careful aesthetic Lágrimas, Celos y Dudas, LCD, is today one of the most attractive theatrical musical performances in its genre

Romantic songs, which were listened under the dictatorships that occurred in the seventies and eighties in the Latin American region. Lágrimas is performed by Marcela Salinas, Celos by Manuela Oyarzún and Dudas by María Paz Grandjean. These fictional characters incarnate three great divas of the romantic song of the time in Latin America. The repertoire and dramaturgical material are composed from the female point of view. The songs narrate the sentimental construct of the relationships between men and women in that Latin American context.

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La Mona Ilustre/ Los Peces No Vuelan
La Mona Ilustre/ Mocha Dick

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