La Mona Ilustre/ Mocha Dick


A group of sailors embarks on an expedition to hunt down Mocha Dick, the albino sperm whale spoken of with dread in all ports. The journey turns into a bloody hunt to attract the whale, as it is rumored to appear to defend those of its kind. Time passes and they cannot find her because one of the crew, the young Aliro Leftraru, is dedicated to boycotting the trip, convinced that Mocha Dick is actually the mother of all whales, the origin of the Mapuche myth of Trempulcahue . The journey, driven by superstition, fear of the different, and by excessive ambition, carry out the crew through the icy waters of the South Pacific, in search of their fears and themselves.

“Accurate, efficient, solidly executed and full of beautiful images that remain in the memory” –The Counter
"Its ability to evoke is so powerful that it is a pure scenic enjoyment" –The Clinic

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