We present, promote and connect the best contemporary performing art from Latin America and Europe.

We want to share the work of emerging performing artists from Latin America and Europe, taking them to the encounter with diverse audiences around the world, and in doing so, expand the possibilities of the impact of performing arts, surpassing traditional formats and bringing it closer to a greater number of people.

We offer services in three areas:


We work with and for:
SPACES: We offer visibility, promotion and collaboration in programming, reservations, production and international co-production.
ARTISTIC COMPANIES: Internationalization strategy, administrative support and production of portfolio, marketing, programming, and international production.

We are interested in artists and companies that have:
INTENTION: Artists and organizations with a clear need to tell a relevant story. To communicate with depth and with a particular perspective. The desire to meet and engage with a specific audience, contributing to a global political, social or spiritual discussion in order to contribute to the development of our humanity.
ABILITY: To have a unique language of communication with the public, creativity, artistic quality, rigor, and technical excellence, to reflect the cultural richness of Latin America today.


We work with and for:

SMALL, MEDIUM OR LARGE BUSINESSES: We generate international strategic alliances, collaborative agreements, and co-production to enhance an international brand. We carry out artistic interventions in the company and act as catalysts of creativity in HR. We want to link private companies with the performing arts, enhancing the synergy between industries through creative solutions.


We work with and for:

NGOS AND ORGANIZATIONS WITH A SOCIAL / COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FOCUS:Participatory co-productions, artistic residencies, workshops, and training, so that people with restricted access to the performing arts can participate in artistic experiences that transform and give meaning to people’s lives.