La Mona Ilustre/ Los Peces No Vuelan


A single woman, two sisters who think they are opposite, and a decaying circus. Three stories, five characters, and a moment in their lives. The Fish Do Not Fly shows that crucial moment in which their realities intermingle and provoke in them an irreparable confrontation. Lucrecia, disappointed with the reality that her eyes show her when she wakes up, and aware of her inescapable loneliness, takes to the streets determined to be someone and find an end to the story she writes. Andrei must abandon his father and the circus in which they live to make his dream come true: to be an actor in a large film production company. Julia, a woman of apparent success, beautiful and hard-working, who cannot understand her sister Angeles, obsessed with building a flying machine, works in this production company. Andrei will meet Angeles, and between them an inexplicable attraction will arise that will accentuate Julia's insecurities, attached to a past in the form of an urn with the ashes of her dead father. Aurelio, Andrei's father, fights alone for his circus to maintain an impossible family tradition. No one listens to his prayers, except Lucrecia, who goes in search of her dream ...

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Lágrimas, Celos y Dudas

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