Since April 2021 we have been co-producing with Kampnagel, Jose Vidal's creative residency at the center in Hamburg, rehearsing in the open air with 14 Hamburg performers.  In times of physical distance and social isolation, he is looking for methods to communicate with the natural environment. In his many years of dealing with natural and cultural phenomena, he achieves a paradigm shift: nature is transformed from an object of observation into a true protagonist; "learning from" becomes "learning with" and "in" nature.

ELEMENTAR presents itself as an interactive journey of experience in three parts that can also be experienced separately by the audience: via a morning ritual in Hamburg's Stadtpark for one performer and one spectator at the same time; an individual walk with the Kampnagel app and finally a big dance intervention that Vidal choreographs live on the Kampnagel Piazza on three evenings, we are invited to connect with our inner self, the rhythm of nature and the elements of fire, water, earth and air. For more information and how to see the project visit https://www.kampnagel.de/en/program/elementar-app-programm/

Collaboration with TandemWorks 

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