Is a life cycle that begins with the interactions of the smallest particles, creating a constant transformation of matter and energy, in this way the first forms of life are originated, which also give birth to endless animal organisms. They strive to feed, reproduce and developed in their quest for survival within the ecosystem, thus creating a never ending “energy cycle”.

Each animal looks for the best way to survive in a natural chaos environment. In this very moment a cycle of life begins... The creative process of the work included interviews with experts in biology, physics, chemistry and zoology. Those who presented us with the theories and the essential themes around the origin of life and ecosystems. These interviews, as well as the reading of the texts in natural sciences and philosophy about the origin of the world and the place occupied by the human being on the planet, provided the material for the rehearsals and the writing of the play.

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Teatro y su Doble/Feos
La Llave Maestra/ Nómadas

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