Cinthia Interminable


Cinthia Interminable confesses the violent and recurring dreams of the members of the Haber family. Dreams that reveal certain episodes that have marked each character forever. The Haber family does not exist, it is a mirage. However, the mythology that founds them is a universal and eternal mythology. Cinthia pays tribute to the daily scenes of a typical family, according to the American television programs that arrived dubbed to our televisions in the eighties, when we were barely kids.

Cinthia Interminable is a creation of Eric Mandarina, Germán Botvinik, Gulliver Markert, Jasmin Titiunik, Juan Coulasso, Juan Fernández Gebauer and Marysol Benítez, from an original idea of Eric Mandarina made in  2011, 2012 and 2013.

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