The Feast

An interactive piece of love, joy and heartbreak. Bring a bowl and a spoon! 'The Feast' is an outdoor European touring show that involves music, dance and food. Story-telling mixing flavours and aromas
Broken Spectacles Theatre invite you  to Psyche and Cupid’s wedding feast,where their fantastic curry chefs will blanche and knead and fold and ficasse you fully into one of Europe’s oldest love stories. before serving you ambrosial, organic dhal . Told through a unique mixture of languages, Indian and Western music and food, song, dance and clowning, this classic European story celebrates the many different cultures that make us who we are today.

The piece is set at the wedding feast of Psyche and Cupid. Audiences sit together, 1.5 meters apart from each other in groups or bubbles of max 6 people, around 4 trestle tables. They are welcomed into the wedding preparation by 4 cooks, one at each table where they will hear different intimate musings on love and are invited to share their own thoughts. This is then interrupted by Venus, Cupid's mother, calling off the wedding…

The story is then told from the beginning, as a highly choreographed 40 minute piece of physical theatre using a Lecoq method called ‘Platform’, working on a very small stage. It is joyously playful and yet touching in its honesty in it's discussion around our real struggles in love.

We have modernised the classic myth to celebrate our own vibrant domestic culture and to consider issues around the nature of multi-cultural relationships in today’s society.

We explore the notion of fully accepting diversity. Through this classic European story, a mixture of languages, Indian and Western music and the Indian food we will cook; we will create a space that really embraces both worlds. At the end, we will sit together and share the food we’ve prepared

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